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BDA / DAS Systems

For Secure Stable Communications

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems

communications antenna tower

BDA / DAS (Bi-Directional Antenna Amplifier & Distributed Antenna Systems)

More and more state governments and municipalities are requiring commercial properties to have bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) and distributed antenna systems (DAS) in place to ensure first responders have continuous communication coverage in emergency situations.

That’s why HEI partners with Potter Electric Signal Company, Tower IQ, and SureCall to provide complete Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems through BDA and DAS systems.

Secure, Stable Communications

No Dead Spots, No Interruptions

Installing BDA/DAS systems help to ensure that signals will no longer be interrupted by distance between responders or interference from other buildings. This technology eliminates dead spots in places like stairwells, tunnels and parking structures.

And in addition to aiding first responders, communication is also improved for security, maintenance, and operations personnel, especially when those teams use cell phones and require a cellular booster system for uninterrupted communication.

Whether it’s a routine or emergency situation, inadequate communication is something your organization must prevent.

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